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Instead of liquidating your assets to pay your creditors in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can elect to file chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay a monthly amount over three to five years.  Individuals who file chapter 13 instead of chapter 7 will be able to protect all of their property, including their home, from liquidation.

Avoid home foreclosure

One of the many advantages of filing for Chapter 13 is that you can save your home from foreclosure. An automatic stay stops foreclosure from progressing as soon as your file.  If you are behind on your mortgage, chapter 13 gives you an opportunity to catch up on your mortgage payments over the next 3 to 5 years.

Relief on Secured Debts

If you have a number of secured debts, then it is likely that chapter 13 bankruptcy will be the best fit for you.  Chapter 13 can restructure your secured debts so that you can pay them over a longer period. In this way it is possible to keep your property at times when chapter 7 would not be able to help you.

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