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Traffic violations are often thought of as a minor inconvenience, but they can become very serious and costly if not handled properly.

Failure to appear in court could lead to license revocation and additional fees

I have had clients who forgot to go to their scheduled court date and as a result lost their license.  In addition to the fines and court costs for their ticket, they had to pay $200 to the court system and $65 to the DMV before they were allowed to get a new license.

Many traffic violations are also criminal misdemeanors

While many people know that serious traffic violations like DUI or reckless driving are misdemeanors, many of them don’t know that there are many others.  Speeding more than 15 over the speed limit, speeding over 80 mph, or driving with expired registration are all misdemeanors and being convicted of any of them will be permanently on your record.  An experienced attorney will be able to make sure that these offenses are reduced down to infractions instead of misdemeanors, if they are not dismissed altogether.

Avoiding Insurance Points

North Carolina keeps track of Insurance Points to determine if your insurance premiums will go up after you are convicted of a traffic violation.  Accumulating insurance points is often much more expensive than a ticket itself, for example if you are convicted of driving 85 mph in a 70, total fines and court costs may be about $200-$250, however you will also earn four insurance points, which would raise your insurance rates by 80%!  If you pay $500 a year for insurance, that’s an extra $400 a year for three years or $1,200!  An experienced attorney will know what to plead to so that your number of insurance points is reduced or eliminated.  Sometimes it’s better to pay a higher fine now, rather than pay much more through insurance costs for the next 3 years.

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